Bong Water Alternatives - What to choose?

Bongs have been in existence for quite some time now. Centuries and decades have come and gone but the concept still wouldn’t take its leave. The merger between bongs and vaporizers have brought a new dawn for bongs. 

Alternatives to Bong Water

What is a Bong?

Bongs are a type of filtration device, usually used for smoking dry herbs and can come in different styles and designs. The name water pipe comes from the fact that bongs traditionally utilizes H2O (water) as the solvent for purification and filtration of the smoke produced. Using water as the purification solvent gives a lot of benefits as it helps purify the smoke before getting to the lungs.

The temperature level of bong water plays a vital role in the filtration process. Cold water is a better condenser of smoke and this allows more smoke to be inhaled, thereby giving a better high. Though it can create a little harshness in the back of the throat. Many of our bongs also come with Ice Notches, little indents found on bongs that catch ice and allows you to inhale through the ice, creating a very, very refreshing inhale. 

Bong with Ice notches

Warm water, on the other hand, creates smoothness in the throat and is better at filtering substances like hash etc. The few cons of using water as a filtration solvent is that in bongs propelled researchers to work harder and the result of their hard work brought about several alternatives to water as a filtration solvent.

Some liquids aren’t practicable to adopt at all, liquids such as milk which contains fat would only make you lose your THC content of marijuana to the fatty liquid. Liquids containing alcohol in high content is such a bad idea because you are invariably mixing fire and alcohol which could be disastrous.

We will highlight different alternatives to bong water which would not only eliminate the cons of using bong water but also provide you with a new bong experience. These alternatives might not necessarily be used as a replacement for bong water as bong water has its unique advantages.

Bong Water Alternatives 

Hot tea

Cannabis Tea

This is a great and amazing alternative to bong water as it promises a smoother hit. So instead of using water whether warm or cold, you could make some hot tea adding flavours like orange, lemon or peach to give it a refreshing taste. Adding sugar to the hot tea would certainly create a problem for your bong as it would become very difficult to clean. Hot tea in place of water would give you a brand new smoking experience and indeed a smoother feel. The Grav Labs 12" Beaker Water Bong is one of our personal favorites, filling this with lemon infused green tea was a game changer in our office! 

Iced tea

Iced Cannabis Tea

Iced tea as an alternative to bong water offers a pretty unique and exhilarating hit when using a bong. The Marley Natural Smoked Beaker Bong is a unique piece of glass, use ice tea as an alternative to water and it will blow your mind. If you love putting ice cubes in water, you can also make it happen while using tea as a bong water alternative. All you need do is throw some ice into your already flavoured tea and your bong water alternative is ready to go. Remember that sugar in your iced tea makes cleaning your bong harder, therefore it is strongly advisable that you add very little sugar to your tea if you must use sugar, however adding a little sweetener to your tea will be harmless to your bong.


Glass of Red Wine

As far as bong water alternatives are concerned, wine alternative is probably considered one of the best. And by best we mean it's awesome. If you use wine as your alternative in a Ricky Bong and you will never look back. Wine gives an amazing flavour combination, and opting for red or white wine gives you a wider choice. Your buoyancy can add extra taste to the quality of wine you choose to bong with as it's quality can make a difference.

Wine with very low alcoholic content does make a good solvent since. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis and it is soluble in alcohol so, therefore, this could potentially put you at risk of losing part of the THC. Also, alcohol will not go down well with combustion in the same atmosphere and with such proximity. So be careful, folks.

All you need is a good wine with low alcoholic content and you are good to go, you should try this for that unique, amazing and refreshing bong experience.

Orange / lemon peels

Lemon Peels

Most users prefer the traditional method of water as bong solvent, and some others would choose any array of liquids to fill their bong with. Orange and lemon peels will provide you with a unique bong experience as it gives you a citrus blast and a exhilarating hit.

Amazingly, after consuming your orange/lemon fruits, the peels when sliced into bong water produces quite an awesome taste of citrus which is good as it helps keep the bong clean. If you fancy that amazing taste of citrus, then this alternative would go down well with you as it promises a wonderful experience. Try using this alternative with the 8" Round Water Pipe, the big base chamber will give you a massive amount of space to fill with smoke. 

Cranberry juice

Cranberry Juice

When it comes to first choice alternatives to bong water, cranberry juice takes the center stage. Cranberry juice is one of the most popular alternatives to bong water as it offers a smooth hit and promises extra magic to your bong.

Using the Eyce Beaker Bong with cranberry juice will also add to your experience. Because of the acidic nature of cranberries, using this juice in bongs would theoretically keep your bongs cleaner for a long time and also gives you less stress when due for a cleaning. Some users think cranberry juice gives better hit from the vitamin C content in it, personally, I must admit, there is little or no difference from the rest, but the flavour of the hit was superb.

You will get a better experience if you make the juice cold and fresh with no artificial additives, this will hit your bong with that natural taste explosion. It is worth trying.

Final Thought on Bong Water Alternatives

Overall, there are tons of different alternatives to bong water out there but these ones have been tested and have proven to be very good and reliable alternatives. None of the five highlighted alternatives to bong water is superior to the others, it all depends on choice and preference.

Alternatives to water bongs are just ways to add extra magic to the bong experience by pulling a new twist. Though it is fascinating, and for sure pleasurable, nothing parallels to employing plain H2O in your bong. In conclusion, do not employ any bong water alternatives without a thorough study of such alternatives. As earlier said, milk and other materials that contain fat would only make you lose your THC content because THC is soluble in fatty substances.

Similarly, liquid substances that contain alcohol are usually not recommended because THC is the main active ingredient in cannabis is also soluble in alcohol, not forgetting that alcohol and fire are rebellious enemies of peace. Adhering strictly to this few tips, while attempting one of these 5 tested and trusted bong water alternatives, you are sure of having a wonderful experience with your bong!