5 Reasons why you need a Desktop Vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers are a formidable force in the vaping game. Desktop vaporizers are big and boisterous vaporizers that are powerful, reliable and full convection heaters that provide dense, flavorful vapor. 

To help you find a desktop vaporizer, I will help you see the wood from the trees. On a voyage of vaporizer discovery, it is hard to figure out reasons why you should get a desktop vaporizer, so, I have examined 5 key reasons why you need to get your hands on a desktop vaporizer.   

1) Power – no battery  

Stationary vaporizers don’t rely on batteries. The power within a vaporizer comes from the mains; i.e you plug your unit into the power supply in the wall.

With a desktop vaporizer you don’t need to worry about your vaporizer running out of steam. Staying plugged into a wall means it can stay on for longer, if you can keep and keep the session going on longer! 

A vaporizer that is renowned for its raw power is the VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer. The EVO Cloud Vaporizer is a beast! And a great investment if you’re a social butterfly, your friends will be stunned by the power of this bad boy!   

Vape Xhale Cloud Evo

2) Makes economic sense in the long run 

Each stationary vaporizer is different for everyone not only do that differ in features, but they also vary in price.

Owning a stationary vaporizer is not a pipe dream most desktop vaporizers are inexpensive and provide competitive price points to each of its competition. 

If you’re giving up cigarette smoking and thinking of transitioning to the vaping world you could potentially save thousands of dollars. A smoker spends on average $5000 on cigarettes each year, while desktop vaporizers start at $99 and can last you years! 

A remarkable desktop vaporizer at a low-cost is the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. The Extreme Q is currently retailing at $169.99. 

This vaporizer stands tall and proud representing the legends that is Arizer at a very competitive price point providing potent and plentiful flavor and not at an extreme price! Imagine saving money and your lungs at the same time! 

3) No limitations 

Desktop vaporizers are not limited to size or weight making more room for designers to fit in high preforming and advanced engineered convection heating systems. 

By design, desktop vaporizers are meant to fit high-tech vaporization technologies which are impossible to condense and put into a portable vaporizers. 

Larger chambers, cooling passages, temperature controls are all definite accessories of a desktop vaporizer.

 Da Buddha vaporizer employs all these features making it a true desktop vaporizer! It also includes a cool Buddha engraved on the front if that’s tickles your fancy. 

4) Vaporizer are medical instruments?! 

Research shows, smoking just about anything is bad for the integrity of your lungs because of the process of combustion.

When you light dry herbs, combustion occurs; and as you begin to inhale, you inhale the bad toxins that are created from the process of combustion which can be harmful for your body and lungs.

Vaporizing your dry herbs eliminates this process as your botanical isn’t lit – you may feel lit after using a vaporizer though!

Our neighbor Canada has declared the Volcano Vaporizer by Stroz & Bickel as a medically sound instrument! 

Using a stationary vaporizer can ensure that (most) the active ingredients inside the dry herbs are heated and create a more potent vapor.

Many medical users swear by desktops as the only way to consume their herbs.  

Volcano Classic

5) Efficient and potent 

My last key reason why you should consider purchasing a desktop vaporizer is that are they a more potent and efficient way of ingesting vapor.

The majority of desktop vaporizers on sale are convection vaporizers. Using a convection method is a surefire way that every draw is smooth, plentiful and cool.

While some portable convection vaporizers exist on the market, they are not near as powerful as their desktop counterparts.

 Desktop vaporizers have more room to store bigger and more complex heating components to guarantee a more efficient and potent means of extracting active materials than portable vaporizers. All vaporizers in this blog use convection heating methods.   

So, Should you go for a desktop vaporizer? 

These are our 5 key reasons why you need to get your hands on a desktop vaporizer, but I haven’t convinced you enough, I’m going to do a quick-fire round of more reasons;  

  • Less litter (save the turtles and all that) 
  • The smell doesn’t linger (isn’t that a Cranberries song?)  
  • Using a desktop vaporizer has more social properties than portables – get your pals around for a session 
  • A high-performing unit  
  • Allows you to enjoy your bud from the comfort of your own home 
  • Longer sessions  
  • They remove the buildup of tar and chemicals  

Desktops are a force to be reckoned with and they are creating waves in the vaping landscape, be part of the movement! Check out our amazing offers on desktops here...