The Arizer brand name or let me say product name has evolved from being just a household brand to a global brand as there is no single vaper within the industry right now that doesn’t know about the Arizer vaporizer.

Arizer today is one of the biggest and perhaps the most popular vape manufacturers in Canada and the word at large.

Canada’s Arizer Company recorded a tremendous success when the Arizer solo 1 series of vaporizer was released to the market for retail, it thrilled a lot of fans and believe me it is still the choice of many people today.

The expected release date of the Arizer solo 2 series already by the corner, and coupled with the outstanding and unique specifications that accompanies it, things would definitely take a new dimension within the vaping industry as there would be a re shuffling of top gamers when it comes to ranking the best portables.

But one thing I am sure of is that the Arizer solo 2 would be a great contender in the entire industry as far as portable vaporizers are concerned.

In this article, we hope to render a comprehensive comparison between this two classic and amazing vapes manufactured by the Arizer.

I want to urge you to keep your calm because it is seriously going to be an interesting comparison session as we hope to reach a conclusion of which of this versions would thrill the industry most.

Arizer solo 2 just like the solo 1 is manufactured by vaporizer giants Arizer, a vaporizing company which is domiciled in Canada.

Arizer Solo 2

Upon arrival of the Arizer solo 1 into the market, it experienced an unimaginable level of patronage and boosted its reputation because of the reliability and the high-performance level of the unit.  

For those who are not familiar with the Arizer solo 1 unit, it is a dry herb portable vaporizer which comes with 7 preset temperature settings and currently has a big contender which happens to be a member of its own family, the Solo 2.

Arizer Solo 2 on the other hand would in a matter of time arrive the market and the entire industry awaits it like a man who is expecting a guest.

The solo 2 with the little info released from the desk of its manufacturers promises to be more innovative and intends to carry along the latest and current technologies to enable it stand out in the industry.

Be sure of one fact, the Arizer 2 will be released sooner than it is anticipated and so I suggest you get ready for the hurricane that is about to hit the vaping industry.

The solo 2 invariably took all the features as well as the pride of its predecessor, modified them and harnessed them with new and trending innovations and in a few weeks from now, Arizer would have made a long and lasting name for themselves.

The solo 2 vape is quite similar in design to its predecessor (solo 1). Put your anxiety on hold as the solo 2 would arrive like a thief in the night.

This comparison will feature several headings with the two vapes going side by side in the battle field. I promise you that there would be no casualty in the course of this battle and even if there be, Arizer would certainly unite the brothers.

Design and build quality

Arizer SOlo Design

The Arizer solo 2 is quite more compact and even more discrete than the solo 1, but one true fact of these two vapes remains that they both lack stealth and portability when compared with other portables in the market.

Both vapes also feature an all glass vapor pathway which helps in the maintenance of an optimal level of vapor quality, pure and tasteful.

Overall, in terms of build quality and design, the two vapes are not appreciably different from one another but they portray a sense of durability and reliability when held in the hands.

Vapor quality

When it comes to reviewing vaporizers and other smoking devices like bongs and pipes, what thrills majority of users is the quality of vapor that is giving out from such unit?

When it comes to vapor quality, the Arizer never comes second as they are consistently stay on top of their game.

The Arizer solo1 is a testimony to this, it has the capability of producing the best of vapor quality you can ever think of, because the unit efficiently vaporizes your buds and the risk of plastic taste in your buds is totally eliminated because of the all in glass vapor pathway incorporated into its design.

The solo 2 knocked out the solo 1 in terms of vapor quality because of its precise temperature control and this feature allows the user to select their own personal vaping temperature.

Hence, you can navigate different vapor flavors. The solo 2 is quite up to date in terms of current vaporizer technology and like many other portables, the solo 2 can be used with bongs or water pipes.

So if you are a lover of bongs, the Arizer 2 would give your bongs a new style and new hit.

Battery life

Arizer Solo 2 USA

Lithium ion batteries rather than alkaline batteries are incorporated into the design of the solo 1 and this battery is rechargeable and is capable of providing users with about one and half hour of continuous vaping.

No portable unit has pulled such weight in the industry that I know of. Let’s see if the solo 2 would break protocols.

The solo 2 would also features a lithium ion battery but obviously with an improved battery life which can render a continuous usage time of just a little under 3 hours.

This is amazing and as far as I am concerned, the solo 2 has no rival in terms of the battery life feature.

New technology

The solo 1 vape features a borosilicate glass vapor path unlike other vapes which employs plastic vapor paths.

The incorporated glass heating chamber is the secret behind the consistent production of quality and clean vapor from the chamber.

The solo 1 also feature an LED temperature control system which allows you to manually adjust your desired temperature and is capable of reaching vaporizing temperature in about 2 minutes.

This is quite commendable but with the likes of the davinci IQ which vaporizers buds in about 30 seconds, Arizer needed to step up their game.

The solo 1 also creates a vaccum for aromatherapy blends in the extra wide aromatherapy chamber.

The solo 2 on the other hand features a more digital temperature control which can be adjusted via the LCD digital display that is incorporated into its design.

Arizer Solo 2 LCD Screen

The digital display also allows users adjust other setting than the solo 1. The solo 2 possesses a power on delay and also an auto shut off timer which is built in for safety purposes.

You can use the shut off feature to set timing per session e.g. 18 minutes per session and then it shut off but with the aid of the power delay option, your unit comes back to life at the set delay time. This technology is highly commendable.

On a final note, Arizer as brand name has a wonderful reputation when it comes to product quality, durability and premium vaporizers.

Amazingly in just a few weeks from now, the Arizer solo 2 would be added to its arsenal.

The solo 2 adequately corrected virtually all the flaws of its predecessor while harnessing other new and current vaping technologies.

Frankly speaking, the Arizer 2 is not quite a vaporizer for people who are always on the go. But personally I would not be found compromising vapor quality for size.

The Arizer solo 2 is definitely a game changer as the good (solo 1) has become better (solo 2).