Best Dab Rigs of 2021 - Reviews & Buyer's Guide

The new year is really beginning to kick into gear, and it's pretty clear that a lot of things are changing. So, what could be a better prompt to change up your dab kit? The last few years have seen some seriously great dab rigs and bubblers hit the scene. Clearly, something has prompted a serious boost to quality across the board. 

Going into 2021, we have some seriously great pieces to choose from. So, to help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best bubblers and rigs that we’ve had the pleasure of coming across. Without any further adieu, here are some of 2021’s best dab rigs. 

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1. Infinity Mini Rig

infinity mini rig

MJ Arsenal are well known for the high quality of their dabbing rigs. They use expert glass design, years of experience, and solid knowledge of dab fundamentals to produce some of the most reliable and solid dab rings out there.

Of course, while their fundamentals epitomize what a real dab rig is, MJ Arsenal are still willing to push the boundaries and experiment. The Infinity Mini Rig is the result of an experimental in-house concept that was so groundbreaking that it has to be pushed into full production. 

Experimental Design

The Infinity Mini Rig is a world apart from the vast majority of mini rights on the market. At first glance it can look like a mind-bending tangle of tubes, downstems, and percolators. However, on further inspection it reveals itself to be a meticulously planned and executed example of dab rig filtration at its finest. 

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a novelty piece, this is a rig like no other, it is a genuine improvement in dab rig design. 

Fab-Egg Percolator

Faberge egg percolators are a cutting edge perc design that started appearing in bongs and dab rigs in 2016. It is renowned for its incredible diffusion and flavor enhancing capabilities. This perco design is reminiscent of an egg and uses a series of holes in its glass body to combine and agitate smoke and water together in unique ways. This leads to an increased level of filtration and cooling. 

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Cyclone Filtration

The Infinity Mini Rig has an added level of cooling with its cyclone filtration system. This system uses a specialized cyclone chamber to capture your hit as it comes out of the percolator. It then forces it back down towards the percolators, to go through a second round of filtration. This effectively doubles the amount of filtration of each hit!

2. Hourglass Dab Rig With Colored Accents

Hourglass Dab Rig

Also known as ‘Father Time’ this impressive dab rig from LA Pipes is a true sight to behold. Standing at 7” tall, it is a serious piece of dab kit that can deliver incredible hits. This rig is named after its distinctive design, but it is so much more than just a pretty face. It is composed of high quality materials and has next level cooling thanks to several clever design features. 

Showerhead Perc

The Hourglass Dab Rig uses a showerhead percolator to effectively cool, and smoothen out every hit you take from it. Percolators work by breaking each of you hits up into a flurry of little bubbles. This increases the level of cooling by exposing more surface area to the water reservoir. 

Borosilicate Glass

This rig is built out of high quality borosilicate glass. This type of glass is resistant to thermal shock and stress fractures, making it especially suitable for dab rigs due to the high temperatures associated with dab consumption. On top of this, it is a clear and high quality form of glass. Pieces constructed from it are extremely beautiful and ooze quality. 

Stable Hourglass Design

This rig’s hourglass design is much more than a simple aesthetic choice, it affects its functionality too. The broad base of the hourglass design gives it plenty of stability, making it a safe and easy rig to use. It also allows for a broader water reservoir, which helps cool your hits with additional filtration. 

3. Ursa Mini Rig

ursa mini rig

The Ursa Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal is a handy compact rig that lets anyone enjoy great concentrate hits while remaining small, discreet, and easy to manage. While it is small in size, it is big in quality. It is composed of borosilicate glass, comes with a quartz concentrate bucket, and it's fantastic discus perc ensures that users get to enjoy superior cooling.

Quartz Bucket

The Usra comes right out of the box with a high quality concentrate bucket made out of quartz. This material is renowned in dabbing circles for its non-reactive nature that ensures that each hit will embody the full, authentic flavor of your concentrate of choice. On top of this, it is resistant to thermal stress, making it a reliable piece of frequent use. 

Discus Perc

Mini rigs have to use every trick in the book to ensure that they get the best cooling possible. The Ursa uses a discus percolator to make the most out of its limited water capacity. This perc breaks up your hit into a broad ring of tiny bubbles, these bubbles and splash through the water, their heat dispersing into the liquid. By the time it reaches the user, the water has cooled massively. 

Built-in Reclaim Catcher

Of course, with all this splashing and bubbling there’s always a risk that some water will make its way up to the mouthpiece. Thankfully, that’s not a huge issue with the Ursa thanks to another stroke of clever design from MJ Arsenal. The Ursa is designed with a little reclaim catcher that stops any water drops before they reach the mouthpiece and directs them back down into the reservoir. Saving water, and saving your tongue from the nasty taste of filter water. 

4. Silicone Kettle Bubbler

silicone kettle bubbler

The Silicone Kettle Bubbler is a stand out piece on this list thanks to its silicone components. Its body, joint, and neck are made entirely out of silicone. The only glass components on this pies are the downstem and the water reservoir. This certainly gives it a unique and distinctive design, but also adds a certain level of functionality and durability. 

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Silicone Body

Silicone is rapidly becoming one of the most popular materials in the bong and dab rig industry. At first, this may seem strange, we are all accustomed to glass being the go to materials, and isn’t there a risk of the plastic melting? Well, modern silicone can be formulated to be as heat resistant and non-reactive as glass. It can also be colored in a way impossible for any glass piece, and a final advantage is its suction cup base for added stability.

Quartz Banger

The Silicone Kettle Bubbler comes bundled with a fantastic, non-reactive quartz banger. This means that you can enjoy the authentic and potent flavor of your concentrates. On top of this, the bubbler also comes with a dry herb bowl as standard. Allowing you to enjoy a broad range of different experiences. 

Magnetic Dabbing Tool Holder

One of the key parts of a dab kit is the dabbing tool, this tiny tool is the only way to get stick concentrate into a banger or bucket. Of course, once you’ve put it in there, where do you put the tool? Well, this fantastic piece features a handy magnet that will hold onto your dab tool until you’re ready to use it again. 

5. The Very Happy Dab Kit

happy dab kit

Happy Kit are a company that pride themselves on providing an all-in-one kit that includes storage, protection, and everything you need to consume concentrates. The Very Happy Dab Kit is the ultimate dab kit for the concentrate fan on the go. 

Robust, Solid Case

The case from this kit is incredible in and of itself. It features a high quality polyurethane exterior that is water resistant, the zip has been carefully treated to ensure that it is waterproof too. Beyond this, the case is also shockproof, to ensure that if you do drop it, everything inside will be kept safe. Finally, and possibly most importantly, the case is smell proof. So you can be sure that any lingering smells from your dab kit won’t leak out. 

Included Dab Storage

The Happy Dab Kit comes with two silicone containers, these are specially treated to be non-stick. This allows you to transport and access your concentrates without having to worry about them adhering to the side of their container. 

Included Butane Torch

A butane torch is one of the most important parts of a dab kit, and sadly, it is often also one of the most overlooked. The Happy Kit has you covered, it comes packaged with a high quality butane lighter that is perfect for bringing your dabs to vaping temperature. 

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6. Mini Jig Mini Rig

mini jig mini rig

The Mini Jig Mini Rig is another fantastic and compact bubbler from MJ Arsenal. This little rig is designed from the ground up to deliver all of the dab fundamentals perfectly. On top of this, it has a clever and functional design that ensures that you get hits as cool and potent as what you’d expect from a much larger piece. 

Built-in Storage Jar

The Jig is clearly built with portability in mind, it is designed to minimize the amount of space that your dabbing kit takes up. One notably clever piece of this is the inclusion of a built in storage jar. This little chamber is built into the side of the mini rig, you can place your concentrates in there until you’re ready to use them. A special rubber stopper is perfect for keeping it safe and sound in between sessions. 


With a rig this small, splashback is a serious consideration. The short airpath means that your mouth is going to be very close to the water reservoir. However, the Mini Jig comes with a built in recycler system, this clever little design feature catches any stray drops of water and redirects them back into the reservoir. This helps preserve your water, and spares you its taste. 

Quartz Bucket

Quartz is an important material in the dab industry. Its heat resistant and non-reactive nature makes it incredibly useful in the construction of nails, bangers, and buckets. The Jig Mini Rig’s bucket is composed of quartz glass, ensuring that you get an evenly heated hit that lets you enjoy the pure, authentic flavor of your concentrate.

Puffco Peak Pro

puffco peak pro

The Puffco Peak Pro is one of the most in-demand and advanced electronic dab rigs on the market today. Its distinctive glass cone has become iconic, and its reputation for quick, solid dab experiences is widely known. Overall, this may be one of the finest electronic dab rigs on the market today. 

Wireless Charging

The Peak is powered by a reliable and long-lasting battery that can offer up to 30 sessions on a full battery. This puts it leafs ahead in terms of convenience when compared to analog dab rigs, not to mention that it's safe too. When this battery finally runs down, it can be easily recharged with an innovative wireless charging dock. The Puffco Power Dock allows for wireless charging as well as acting as a power bank that allows for increased use time. 

Real-Time Temperature Control

More traditional dab rigs don’t allow users to adjust the temperature of their hits easily. This is mostly dictated by the heat of the butane torch. However, as the Puffo Peak is an electronic device, this means that its final heat setting can be more easily adjusted. This means that users can tailor their dab experience to get the very most out of their concentrate, or even just to their own personal tastes. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Puffco Peak Pro has one of the most modern features: an electronic vape device can, bluetooth connectivity. This allows users to get a whole new world of functionality out of the device, including expanded temperature control, how long each heating session is, and it even allows you to change the color of the LEDs built into the base of the cone. 

Dr Dabber Switch

dr dabber switch

The Dr Dabber Switch is a revolutionary induction vaporizer designed to allow you to get the very most out of not only oil type concentrates, but dry herb too. This is a true dual use device that allows users to enjoy a wide range of different experiences. It also has one of the most reliable batteries that money can buy!

Powerful and Accurate

Regardless of what you load the Dr Dabber Switch with, you can precisely adjust it to the ideal heat setting. It comes out of the box with 25 pre-programed heat settings. These allow users to calibrate their experience for flavor, power, or something in between. It even allows users to adjust for smaller loads without a loss of vapor quality.

Incredible Battery Life

One of the most incredible features on the Switch is its gigantic battery life. On a single charge, it can deliver up to 150 hits. For casual users, this means that you can expect around a week of use on a single charge. Best of all, when it finally runs down, it can be recharged to capacity in around 60 minutes!

Induction Heating

The Switch uses a unique, and refreshingly new heating system. This patent-pending technology allows the bucket to reach target temperature in practically a blink of an eye. This means that you can expect heat up times of around four seconds. This speed is impossible with any other form of electronic heating, and many butane powered torches would be hard pressed to match it, too. If you want your hits in a hurry, then the Switch is for you. 

Pulsar Rok

Pulsar Rok

The Pulsar Rok is, as far as electronic dab rigs go, is a pretty traditional looking vape. This electronic rig features many of the traditional dab rig features that you’ve come to expect, the most obvious of these is the glass beaker base and the showerhead percolator that allows you to enjoy delicious, water cooled hits.

Great Battery Life

The Rok offers up to 30 sessions on a full charge. This is a strikingly reliable battery that is perfect for both heavy and casual users. However, if you’re expecting an extended session with friends, then you’d better make sure that you enter it with a full battery. When it does finally run down, you can recharge via micro USB, with a charge cycle taking around two hours. 

Showerhead Percolator

It's surprising how few electronic rigs use traditional percolators. The showerhead perc in the Rok is great for cool, smooth hits. It breaks up each hit into a plethora of small air bubbles. These actually increase the hit’s surface area, allowing for superior cooling and smooth, tasty hits. 

Simple and Straightforward Operation

Electronic rigs have a huge amount of advantages over their analog counterparts, however, for the more technophobic among us, they can be a little tricky to master. There is no such risk of this with the Pulsar Rok. It features a single button control scheme that is straightforward to get to grips with. After a few practice sessions, even a total novice will master it. 

DabTech Elite Plus Smart E-Rig

Elite Plus Smart Rig

The Elite Plus is a seriously impressive dab rig that was clearly made for dab fans who know what they want. This incredible rig has a massive temperature range that stretches from 280°F all the way to 800°F. This means that you can enjoy a massive range of hit densities and potencies. It also features a fitted glass recycler that delivers superior water cooling that rivals that of any traditional dab rig. 

Selection of Dab Bowls 

There are three main materials that dab bowls, nails, and buckets are made out of. These are Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium. Each of these materials offers a subtly different vape experience. Quartz is known for its purity, Ceramic is well known for even heating, and titanium is super conductive. 

Audio Control

One of the more unique features of the Elite Plus is its use of sound. It uses audio feedback to let you know what's going on inside the device, how your adjustments are affecting the inside of the device, and to understand what features you are activating without having to so much as look at your device. 

Water Cooling

The most striking visual feature of the Elite Plus is the glass recycler bubbler mounted on the top of the device. This clever little piece of glassware allows you to enjoy smooth, well cooled hits. The bubbler uses a restricted water reservoir efficiently, delivering the ideal level of cooling.