Dabbing Vs Vaping, What Suits You and Why?

It seems to be the case that no matter where you are in this day and age you'll come across the old debate of dabbing Vs vaping.

Dab Pen vs Vape Pen

These two methods of herbal use have exploded onto the scene resulting in users experiencing some of the most delightful herbal buzzes imaginable.

 But with so many outstanding buzzes being received this  has provoked a debate as to which method is superior.

 In one corner we have vaporization which has resulted in a massive health benefits being experienced by lovers of the herb Traditionally, when people smoked their plants they had to contend with taking in masses of toxins as their herbs combusted into the air.

 On the other hand vaporization results in a significant reduction in the amount of carcinogens entering into your bloodstream.

The reason why there is such a reduction is because when you vaporize your herbs are heated up to a certain level where vapor is produced that is pure and thoroughly nutritious. 

Senior man vaping

Similarly, dabbing has risen dramatically in popularity resulting in people experiencing extra potent herbal buzzes.

One of the major drawbacks of dabbing is the image which it presents- of someone taking out a blowtorch, applying it to a metal nail, and then inhaling the fumes created.

The problem with this image is that it looks rather seedy looking  and people may get the wrong impression. But although dabbing has developed an unjust reputation in many ways it is far healthier than smoking your herbs.

In this blog I'll attempt to get to the bottom of dabbing Vs vaping and which reigns supreme  in the world of herbs.

One of the first areas where we'll need to take a look at is conductive heating and convection heating. I feel that it's vitally important that you have a solid grasp of both heating methods if you're to truly understand the dabbing v vaping debate.

Conductive Heating 

Conductive heating is one of the techniques that vaporizers rely on transform your herbs into a vapour. In this technique a heated element is applied to your plants or materials and this results in a vapor being formed.

Similarly dabbing is when a nail is heated up via a blowtorch and then this is applied to your materials which results in your receiving that crucial buzz that we all aspire to achieve.

Whilst dabbing may be far less harmful than smoking your herbs it still is not the same as vaporizing.  

For example, when you're heating your nail to temperatures as high as 900 degrees and you're pouring some oil onto it this results in the most coveted vapors that are produced.

Convective Heating

How convection heating works is that hot air is produced via a heating element and this hot air results in your plants producing vapours.

The beauty about the convection method is that your herbs are heated at the correct temperature and this process avoids some of the commonly associated troubles that conduction leads to.

Another huge benefit with convection is that it allows you to have better overall control of your vaping experience.

You'll be able to adjust the temperature of the air flowing into the chamber and because of this you'll be fine tune what type of buzz you'll receive.

If you're looking at both methods from a health point of view I feel that vaporizing, in particular using the convection method, is the healthiest way to take your herbs.

One of the main reasons why convection is better is because you will avoid the combustion issues that are commonly associated with other methods.

Whilst dabbing can also be very nutritious and it can give you that much needed buzz I just feel on this occasion that when it comes to health that vaporizers will be first to the post.

What type of product

Concentrates or dry Herb

If you where going to have to purchase a vaporizer I'd also side with getting a high quality device like the Pax3, the Firefly 2, or the Mighty Vaporizer.

 The thing about getting some second rate machine is that you dont know for sure whether its going to perform to the standard that you desire.

Many of the cheaper models would promise users the sun, the moon, and the stars, but end up delivering an inferior vaping experience and this is something that you most definitely will want to avoid.

So if I was going to advice you on getting a top vaporizer I'd side with the big guns, such as: The Pax 3, the Firefly 2, The Mighty, and the Crafty.  

Ok, so if you're intending on dabbing which device should you purchase? Well for me there is only one dabbing machine that seems to get the job done to the level required and that is the Flowermate IHit and Portable e-nail.

 The manufactures Flowermate are well renowned for the high class performance of their devices and with this e-nail the company have really surpassed themselves.

 Featuring a convection airflow system and smart control device that allows complete control of your dabbing experience you know that you're going to be in for quite the ride.

With this unit you can have the e-nail heated up in a matter of seconds delivering to users some of the succulent and delicious vaping experiences imaginable.

This device will also come supplied with a non combustion ceramic heating chamber and a smart control system that will allow you complete control over your device.

A 1 year manufactures guaranteed is an example as to how confident the makers are in their device.

Finishing Thoughts

When its comes to dabbing v vaping there are many things that you'll need to consider.

One of the main things that you'll need to take into account is whether you prefer vaping or dabbing? What one prefers all depends on their own preferences, but in my case I'll always be someone who sides with vaporizers.

 And whilst I understand why other people rave about why dabbing is best, for me, in the duel between between dabbing and vaping, there is only one winner, and that is vaporizers.  

At the end of the day you cant go out in public with your dabbing equipment and start dabbing away, but with a vaporizer you could be puffing away on one of these beautiful little machines no matter where you are.

But overall in the dabbing v vaping clash there really is no better option, only the one that is right for you.