Ready, Set, Arizer ArGo Go GO!

In 2018, Arizer, a company already making great strides in their quality of production, released the Arizer Go.

This vape was a fantastic addition to the already impressive line they’d developed for the market including the Solo 2 and Air 2.

While the Arizer Go (ArGo, for short) might be the baby of a great family of vaporizers, don’t underestimate it. This is an animal of a vaporizer, as we shall see.

Arizer ArGo Features


Arizer ArGoThe Arizer ArGo has a lot of great qualities but one of the best ones for my money is the fact that it’s so small. It fits in the palm of your hand and feels great. When a company can make a great desktop vaporizer that’s one thing. Big vaporizers are cool and give great vapor. And for the company to make a good one is quite an achievement. So when a company can squeeze serious vaping power into a unit that’s only four inches long, well, that is definitely cause to be impressed.

The Arizer Go is this exact kind of vaporizer. A vape that is super powerful and impressive but also compact.

The external finish on the ArGo is a hard plastic and metal at the top and the lower part is encased in rubber.

This makes it a vape feels strongly situated in the palm of your hand and also can deal easily with any overheating problems.Arizer ArGo

Glass Mouthpiece

Like its older siblings the Air 2 and Solo 2, the Arizer also features an entirely glass air path. This is a distinctive Arizer feature and one I really like.

Essentially it means that between the heating element and your mouth the vapor won’t pick up any bad tastes.

Glass is a non-reactive material so while the vapor is passing through it won’t pick up any weird odors or tastes leaving you with only pure vapor.

This all-glass short air path gives you the purest of flavors so you can get the full taste of your herb.

Also, when it comes to cleaning you really only have to clean the glass mouthpiece which is simple.

Just pop out the glass stem and empty any residue from the small chamber at the end and clean as you would normally. It’s the only part you need to clean so it’ll be done in no time.

Plus, yet another cool feature is that with just a push of a button the top of the mouthpiece comes out.

This will protect your glass stem and make sure that it’s not exposed to the elements. And when it comes time to vape again just push the top back down. Easy!

Because of its small size and the fact you can pop out the top part to protect the stem, there’s no problem for you putting it inside a backpack or a purse.

There’s very little chance that it will get damaged while you’re out and about.  

Digital Display

Arizer ArGoOn the body of the Arizer Argo, there are three buttons and an OLED display. From the display, you can see what your temperature level is at and the amount of battery you have left.

You can adjust the brightness of the display which will help you save on battery, depending on your preferences, and makes everything much more subtle.

Temperature Control

Another great feature of the ArGo is that you can control the temperature to extremely precise levels, 1° increments, in fact.

The range of temperatures is very adequate, ranging between 112℉ and 428℉. The level of control offered means you can always get the most out of your vaporizer.

Hybrid Heating

One thing that can be difficult to decide on when purchasing a new vaporizer is whether to get a convection or a conduction heating vaporizer.

Technically, both of these are great choices. But everyone has their own preferences.

Conduction heaters can give great vapor clouds but convection vaporizers can heat your herb. There’s a lot of pros and cons for each.

A great feature about the ArGo, though, is that you only need this one. As a hybrid, you don’t need to choose between one or the other. You get the best of both worlds.

Ease of Use

To use the ArGo is, as the rest of it has proved, simple and efficient.  Pack your aroma tube with your chosen herbs making sure that nothing falls out when loading it into the ArGo vape.

Once the stem is packed and loaded, your herbs are ready to be vaporized by the heated element just below the mouthpiece. And… it!!


Wow. This is a crazy good vaporizer. It has powerful vapor and functionality, it’s a hybrid so you don’t miss out on convection or conduction heating, it’ll fit into the palm of your hand and has adjustable brightness on its digital display so you can easily take it with you wherever you go and still operate it secretly.

Arizer ArGoI didn’t even mention that it has a high capacity removable 18659 battery so as long as you have some fully charged spares you never have to be without power. There are very few faults with this vaporizer and I’d have no hesitation in recommending it to you. Whether a beginner or a veteran this is a vape that will give you no end of joy out of.