Why Vaporizers Have Ceramic Chambers

Lately I’ve been coming across loads of people who keep asking me why vaporizers have ceramic chambers and the answer to this question is that there are many, many reasons why vaporizers use ceramic.

One of the main reasons is because ceramic has the ability to withstand very high temperatures and this facilitates herbal lovers with a huge amount of options when its coming to vaping.

You’ll be able to adjust your temperature right up the highest measurement possible and you’ll not have to worry about the ceramic being incinerated. Another huge reason vaporizers use ceramic is because of the sweeter taste that the material gives to users.

From my own experience, I know that ceramic gives some of the most outstanding and most flavourful hits imaginable.

Unlike when you use other materials you won't have any nasty metallic after-taste that will linger in your mouth after a draw from the vape.

Ceramic really holds its own when it comes to using dry herbs which has a tendency to produce a truly out of this world hit that will live long in the memory.

Another huge benefit of using this beautiful material is that it doesn't burn your plants unlike some other substances might.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than going to enjoy a nice vape and the next thing you find that your materials have combusted into the air.

Once you own a good ceramic vaporizer all thoughts of combustion will be banished to history.

Ceramic vape coils also offer huge advantage when it comes to the flavour and purity of the hit that you’ll be on the receiving end of.

Additionally, ceramic is extremely durable and will be sure to stand the test of time without you having to change your vaporizer again and again.

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Any Negatives?

One of the downsides with ceramic is that the material does require extra heating up time, but this extra heating up time is only a few seconds and I feel that you shouldn't let it put you off.

The only saying that ‘good things come to those who wait’ is very relevant when it comes to using ceramic.

Another slight negative is that you may have to take out the ceramic vape coils and make sure that they’re up to the requisite standard.

The process of maintaining the coils is pretty easy so as negatives go I certainly wouldn't let this put you of.

Of course, many vapers will love the instant hit that other devices may offer, but the drawback of this is that the hit won't be of the same standard that you could have gotten by using ceramic based materials.

My advice to you is to take your time and let the ceramic do its magic- you won't be disappointed.

Should you purchase a ceramic vaporizer?

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Like most things in life the answer to this lies in personal preference. But in my opinion when it comes to using dry herbs vaporizer utilizing a ceramic chamber is vital.

The difference between ceramic and other materials is quite astonishing. If you want a real flavourful and nutritious hit then you should side with ceramic every time as this method is the only true way for you to get them precious herbs into your body.

In my opinion, the rest of the methods out there are a bit of a hit and a miss but once you have ceramic on your side you’ll have an increased chance of getting the buzz of a lifetime and all without having to worry about any nasty breakages.

There is nothing worse than having to continually replace your vaporizer because the materials keep breaking down but this is a problem that will be avoided once you purchase a ceramic based device.

Like I’ve already alluded to the only real drawback with ceramic is that it can take a few seconds longer for you to get that much desired hit but as the old saying goes good things comes to those who wait and most certainly is the case when it comes to using ceramic.

But if the few extra seconds wait doesn't bother you I would always advise using ceramic because of the enhanced flavours that you’ll be receiving.

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The fact is that vaporizers utilize ceramic chambers, like the Davinci IQ, for many reasons, and not least, because of the flavourful hit that these units offer.

If you’re someone who likes to receive real top classes vapes then siding with a good quality ceramic vaporizer is the only way forward.

One of the first vapes that I ever purchased was one that was utilizing a metallic internal chamber and whilst the taste was ok it just wasn’t great!

One day I decided that I'd try using a ceramic based vape and when I took my first draw from the device I literally could not believe the difference between the two sets of materials.

In my opinion, once you go ceramic you’ll never go back to using any other substance inside your vaporizer.

And when you factor in the added bonus of the durability of ceramic perhaps you’ll be being to appreciate the magnitude of what this substance is offering you.

You’ll no longer have to contend with having to continually look out for new parts as your vaporizer breaks down like some old wreck of a car.

Once you have ceramic on board it will be like you’re using the creme de le creme of vaping technology.

In finishing, the only real advice I can give you is that you should get out there and get your hands on a good quality vaporizer that utilizes the very best of ceramic technology.

This substance has the capacity to take you vaping career to an entirely new plain a new plain where the hits that you receive will have you lying on your back in ecstasy. So, get out there and get your hands on a vaporizer that ceramic inside of it and you won't be disappointed!

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