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Amsterdam Glassworx

Amsterdam Glassworx consists of a collection of stunning hand blown glass bubblers, bongs, pipes and stash jars made to the highest quality using Schott Duran borosilicate glass for extra durability and heat resistance.

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The Amsterdam Glassworx range stocked on everyonedoesit.com is an exclusive set of products that can only be found here, stocked directly from the Glassworx studio. Not before each individual piece goes through a rigorous and thorough quality check process as well as a 24 hour annealing process to ensure that only the highest quality, toughened glass products leave the studio.

Stand-out products in the range stocked from the 2003 Cannabis Cup award for best glass include the Amsterdam Glassworx Stash Jar, the unique Glass Inside-Out Worked and the Helio Coil Spoon Pipe amongst many other stylish, handmade products.

There is no doubting Amsterdam Glassworx products quality. They are renowned for consistently producing pieces are built to stand the test of time while retaining the essence of style and beauty. Each piece giving the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.

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