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Black Leaf

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German produced Black Leaf produce some of the most affordable glass on the US market, and some of the simplest, smallest water bongs too. They’re easy to use, easy to store, and should you decide you want to carry them out and about, easy to carry.  Not only that they also produce more advanced pieces like mesmerizing and unique tree percolator bongs.

The Black Leaf company was founded as a branch of a world-famous distributor called Near Dark. In order to express his personal tastes, Near Dark owner Ernst Meerbeck created the new distribution line as he could not stand on the sidelines and be content as he missed out on the exploding market that is the glass production industry. Meerbeck's decision has led to the ever-growing line of glass smoking products being distributed by Black Leaf.

Black Leaf also operates a very successful head shop overlooking the Hanfbach which is located near Cologne where there is a dedicated population of hardcore smokers that are filled with a desire for superior smoking products.

Beauty In Simplicity

Each and every Black Leaf product is built with affordability and functionality for the consumer in mind. This means that the selection of Black Leaf products are fantastically suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers. Black Leaf are aimed at those who are looking for a more affordable way to enjoy their herb. Their pieces tend to be smaller and easier to store. They have a very utilitarian design, no complicated construction with 200 percs and bubblers and showerheads. Black Leaf deliver a solid, simple bong that is ready for use practically straight out of the box.

This simplicity of the design lends itself well to infrequent users. If you don’t partake of the herb more than a few times a month then it may make sense to hold off dropping hundreds of euros on a massive edifice of intricately blown glass created by master craftsmen who have dedicated every fiber of their being to the art of creating bongs. You just need a water pipe.

Lifelong Bongs

Black Leaf Bongs are built to last, and as such have a sturdy glass thickness that usually ranges between 4mm and 7mm. These glass bongs can really take a beating and you can have that as a guarantee. They top off this construction with sturdy, expertly handcrafted percolators which add an amazing amount of diffusion and airiness to your smoke. We're talking 6+ tree arms and long inlines. With so many options and the ability to customize with extra, beautiful down stems and ash catchers, you could really create a black leaf glass bong that'll last you for years to come and be your new go-to piece for all of your smoking sessions.

Beaker Bongs

The beaker base bong is a favorite of Black Leaf. the beaker base bong is a classic, it harks back to the by gone days of improvised bongs created out of lab equipment. The beaker base a shape that gives your bong stability and an extra large reservoir of water to cool down your smoke for a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Cylinder Water Pipes

They also supply a range of cylinder bongs which are more compact and easier to clean and store. Their Bong 18.8 Ice Twist features an ice pinch which will hold an ice cube in the path of your smoke.This means when your smoke passes through, and is cooled by the water it has to flow over the ice on its way to your mouth. This cools it even further, guaranteeing you a cool, smooth hit that will go down easy.

It’s important to grind your herb before you try to smoke it in your bong. Well ground herb will burn easier, making sure that you don’t have to constantly relight it! However once you’ve ground it’s important to watch how your pack it!

When you’re packing your Black Leaf bong it’s important to use a screen. This will stop loose herb from being drawn into the water reservoir when you take a big hit! Save your herb!

Cleanliness Is King

Thanks to this simple design Black Leaf bongs are incredibly easy to clean. You needn't worry about a myriad of delicate glass tubing and other errata. All you need to do is empty out the tainted water, carefully clean the resin off of the bowl and joint, fill the bong with cleaning fluid, and then give it a shake! Repeat this a few times and your bong will be ship shape and shiney. It’s especially important to give your bong a quick clean if you’re an infrequent user; you don’t want to store your bong with a pool of fetid, stagnant water moldering away inside it; that will lead to nothing less than stubborn stains and a nasty taste during your next use!

Make sure when you do store it thoroughly to keep it clean and hygienic, you do put your mouth to it after all! Also keep it somewhere safe, propped against the side of your couch doesn’t cut it! You don’t want to hear that breaking glass noise and have to replace your water pipe!

Black Leaf is constantly striving forward and trying to improve and expand it's range of water pipes, vaporizers, hand pipes, bongs and accessories in order to feed the growing customer demand. Black Leaf are also known for having a great and interactive consumer relations department and are extremely eager to engage with their customers on social media which helps them gather information and valuable input from their growing and dedicated consumer base. Thanks to their extremely competitive price point combined with the stylish and slick design, Black Leaf have built a strong reputation for reliable, efficient and durable products at a fair price.

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