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C2 Custom Creations

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Based in North Hollywood, California, C2 Custom Creations have made a splash in the water bong scene. And no wonder with  over 20 years experience in the glasswork industry. This experience gives the company a strong sense of reliability that is incorporated into the production of their glass pieces. Made in the US, using only Schott, Corning and Lenz glass, the veteran glassblowers have been acknowledged for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Their vast collection of scientific grade glasswork includes water pipes, bubblers, oil rigs and a whole host of attachments is some of the finest on the  herb bong market. Typically designed with a clear glass look, C2’s design team like to focus their efforts on the functionality of their products. The company then includes a “Made in USA” graphic on every product to showcase their commitment to American quality and Craftsmanship.

C2 Custom Creations are renown in the scene and further afield for the beautifully intricate glass percolators that feature on their most popular releases. The Hollywood-based company even used their highly skilled team to design and perfect the already effective Ratchet percolator.

Immersed in the history of the industry, C2 Custom Creations continues to be an important player in the glasswork game

Glass is by and far the best material to construct a bong out of. It has several outstanding qualities that set it apart and above every other material. A high quality borosilicate glass is totally non reactive and is very resilient against thermal shock, so a good glass bong is incapable of affecting the taste of your herb. Glass is incredibly easy to clean, being resistant to staining and resin build-up, so when you maintain your bong you should be able to keep it looking as good as new with minimum effort.

Of course the aesthetic qualities of glass cannot be ignored, a well constructed piece of glassware is a treat for the eyes. Of course high quality glass isn’t all aesthetics, there’s functionality there too; it allows you to see the water reservoir in your bong. This lets you judge how clean your water is and whether you need to change it. Dirty bong water can affect the quality of your hits and in some awful cases splash up into your mouth. That’s the last thing you want, bong water tastes like a bitter divorce.

If you’re going to truly appreciate the skill and time that goes into creating a glass bong then it’s important to know the sheer effort and ingenuity that goes into creating such beautiful pieces of glassware. The transformation from raw material to glass takes place at nearly 1,500 degrees celsius, at this point the glass glows a bright yellow. The glass is then left to settle to a bright orange color. This is the point that most glassblowing is done, at roughly 1,000 degrees.

Three furnaces are used in glass blowing, the first contains a crucible of molten glass, the second (called the glory hole) is used to reheat the glass to keep it malleable, and the third is called the annealer and is used to slowly cool the glass to ensure that it doesn’t crack.

Glass blowers use a blowpipe to expand the glass into a cylindrical or globular shape. They use a variety to shears to trim the glass to size.

The sheer level of skill and dedication it takes to produce a bong is staggering!

C 2 Custom bongs are made to the highest standards and demonstrate a staggering level of craftsmanship. The Tall Triple Disc Perc Bubbler, Double Disc Bong, and Ratchet Micro Bong are all testament to this!

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