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Firefly Vaporizers

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Firefly 2 Cleaning Kit - Keep your Firefly clean


Firefly 2 Cleaning Kit - Keep your Firefly clean Make sure you care for your Firefly 2. With this cleaning kit its easy to do. I comes with everything you need to keep your vaporizer in tip top shape to...

Firefly 2 Battery Door

AVAILABILITY: In stock (3000 items)

Battery doors are easy to misplace so it is handy to have spares. If you have lost the battery door for your Firefly 2 or you just want to keep some extras, this product is for you. The Battery Door for Firefly...

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
25% OFF

AVAILABILITY: In stock (249 items)

Who Should Buy The Firefly 2+? The Firefly 2 Plus is the perfect portable vaporizer for beginners and intermediate users alike. It offers straightforward operation, intuitive controls, and simple maintenance, as well as a host of fantastic quality of life...


Firefly - A Quick Intro 

The early days of the vape industry saw the foundation of a lot of different brands. Many didn't last, the ones that did have something special going on. Firefly is one such brand. This incredible brand is perfect for the vape fan who demands style and substance.

Firefly was founded by Sadsh Robinson and Mark Williams way back in 2012. These two combined their efforts to create one of the foundational dry herb vaporizers, the Firefly 1 vaporizer, in 2013. This vape was the culmination of nearly 50,000 tests and proved to be one of the most versatile dry herb vapes on the market at the time. Since then, they have only gone from strength to strength, and today, the Firefly name remains one with a serious amount of respect behind it. 

Why Firefly?

Firefly vaporizers made it through the chaos of the early vape industry for a reason. Their compact and stylish vaporizers are unique, standing apart from many of the cheaper, more disposable models that used to dominate the market. They helped carve the mid-range vaporizer niche, along with Arizer and Pax, they offer premium vape experiences at affordable prices. A unique feature of Firefly vapes is how they are held, which is more reminiscent of an old-fashioned pipe than a modern vaporizer. 

Firefly vaporizers are incredibly portable, weighing little and fitting easily into any pocket or bag. They use borosilicate glass in their design to help produce incredibly flavorful and pure vapor.

Firefly Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Where are Firefly Vapes Made?

Firefly is based out of San Francisco. Here, they design all of their innovative vaporizers. Originally, all their units were assembled in the owner's San Francisco home, they've come a long way since then, however. All of their devices are now manufactured in professionally set up factories. 

Q2: How To Use Firefly Vapes?

Firefly vapes are unique in how they are operated. To be used, both heating buttons must be pressed. This means that it needs to be held in a specific way with the user's palm facing upwards and cradling the device between their fingers. 

Q3: Can Firefly Vapes be Used With Concentrates?

Yes, Firefly vaporizers, from the 2 onwards, can be used with concentrates thanks to the addition of a concentrate pad. 

Q4: Where Can I Get The Firefly App?

The Firefly app is compatible with most smartphones. Android users can find it on the Google play store. Apple users, however, may run into difficulties as Apple sometimes doesn’t allow vape-related apps on the App store. 

Firefly Most Popular Products - Staff Picks

Firefly 2+

The Firefly 2 Plus is the most recent release from the flagship Firefly range of vaporizers. It features the iconic, striking, and elegant design that all of its predecessors featured. All the while, it is still an understated and easy to carry device. Firefly has been very vocal about the incredible level of flavor this vaporizer is capable of generating.

The Firefly 2 is discreet, but despite this, its design is still capable of making a statement with its unique shape of contrasting curves and straight edges. It is also available in a wide range of finishes. It features an LED indicator display and an intuitive, two-button control scheme.

This control system is great for an onboard default, but for an additional level of control, users can use the Bluetooth connectivity to hook their devices up to a bespoke app that offers a wider range of control.

It uses a convection heating system to gradually bake the vapor out of the herb, generating dense and tasty hits that are drawn from the entirety of the herb's surface area. 

Final Thoughts on Firefly

Firefly is an important part of the vape industry and their innovations and designs have helped steer the course towards the fantastic scene we enjoy today. Their vaporizers always epitomize everything a quality vaporizer should be, the greatness of the Firefly 2 Plus is a testament to this! If you're looking to bring your vape experience to the next level, or for a starter vape that will bring you all the way up to the intermediate level, then Firefly is a brand to watch. 

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