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Glass Spoon Pipes

When it comes to pipes, the glass spoon pipe is one of the most popular designs in the world. They're stylish, affordable, come in a great range of colors, and of course, get their name from their uncanny resemblance to the spoon utensil. You can find on our site, glass pipes from popular manufacturers, like Grav Labs - who continue to craft inventive and stylish spoon pipes that you'll simply not be able to get enough of.

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Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe

AVAILABILITY: In stock (405 items)

Eyce Silicone Spoon Pipe The Eyce Spoon pipe is another eye-catching piece to come from the Colorado manufacturers, Eyce.  The chunky silicone design not only looks awesome but feels great in your hands. You're unlikely to drop it but accidents...

NoGoo Silicone Spoon

AVAILABILITY: In stock (66 items)

Compact and Portable NoGoo This travel-friendly hand held NoGoo Silicone Spoon supports strong tokes. Boro glass insert bowl. Pipe body made from food grade silicone.  Comes in assorted colors. Order yours today! • 4.25" silicone & glass hand pipe• Food...

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe with Gold Stripe Decal


Marley Natural Spoon Pipe This is the Official Natural Smoked Glass Spoon by Marley Natural, this is a unique piece of equipment to have and if you don’t have one, I recommend you go grab one, not only does it...


These handy smoking devices roughly all come in the one size, but throughout the years, it's become a prominent trend to create stunningly artistic and heady designed spoon pipes. We feature hand pipes from only the best.  Glass spoon pipes are perfect for beginners and can easily be taken on the go. They're also great for collectors and if you consider yourself anything of a smoking connoisseur make sure to check out our high-end glass spoons from elite US glass companies such as HD Glass, Opinicus 9 and Talent Glassworks. 

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