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Hitman Glass

Hitman Glass are a dominant name in glassware based smoking aides. Known for designing and making new and novel products and shaping the water pipe and bong industry in the process.

Innovative pieces such as the birthday cake rig were brainchilds of the Hitman Glass team, and definitely thrust the company up into the realm of the heavyweights on the glassware scene.

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They have had a varied career in the glass industry from starting out as a glass collector, moving on to becoming a head shop supplier and then finally to find their feet as a functional glass and pipe designer and manufacturer. Hitman Glass takes enormous pride in being a leader within the functional glass industry whilst also placing innovation as a priority throughout the company.

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, the original founders Dougie Fresh and Erik Weissman set out to establish a local functional glass supplier that they knew the locals of Boston needed. They spent a very long time researching and collaborating with local pipe makers and craftsmen in order to gauge a view of their potential market and also to increase their knowledge on the industry.

Fresh and Weissman eventually began to distribute to local head shops and glass suppliers and soon they were facing massive increases in demand. Hitman Glass was a near instant hit and rose to prominence across the nation. As time passed and the company saw massive benefit to move all their manufacturing set up entirely to Los Angeles where they could easily find the labor and craftsmen needed to bring Hitman Glass to the next level.

Throughout the years since then there have been countless ups and downs in the lifetime of the Hitman Glass company, including the tragic death of one of the co-founders Erik Weismann in 2011. From a tiny idea sparked between two friends, Hitman Glass has become a dominant force within the functional glass industry and supply some of the finest bongs and dab rigs currently on the marketplace.

We here at Everyonedoesit.com are massive fans of Hitman Glass products and we would consider ourselves one of the loyal admirers of their art. Hitman has gained a loyal following of fans, customers, business partners and some of the finest craftsmen in the industry; all of them 100% committed to supporting quality American-made functional glass.

Get yourself some American pride right here on Everyonedoesit.com.

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