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Hurricane Bongs

A single drag from a Hurricane Bong results in a hit that is out of this world. You will feel like you have the power to levitate five feet from the floor and raise the dead from ground. Men will fall to their knees and the gods themselves will bow down and pay homage to the true power of the Hurricane Bong.

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Hurricane Bongs have managed to produce such an exceptional range of bongs with such extraordinary depth and quality that it will surely revolutionize the art of getting stoned. They transform the art of smoking into an experience that will be transformative, educational, and spiritual. You now will be able to savor all of the benefits of your herbs whilst at the same time experiencing a bonding session with your bong.

Many of the Hurricane Bongs you'll receive are designed by expert craftsmen in a beautiful golden color. The makers set their stall down from the moment you witness their products, with the gold color akin to an Olympic medal. If you hold a Hurricane bong high in the air after taking a hit you will definitely feel like your on the winner’s podium

The range of bongs offer tremendous value both to connoisseurs and beginners alike. With stock to choose from like the Goldeneye 3 Jets Hurricane, which is a high-end bong that appeal to someone with deeper pockets. Or the One Hitter Mini Pipe Hurricane which packs a punch and would appeal to someone who wishes to start their bong smoking career in style. Whatever your herbal smoking needs Hurricane Bongs will be there for you, ready to provide the hit you so richly deserve.

If you’re after progress, evolution and tireless revolution, Hurricane Bongs will provide ingenious quality for an excellent smoke. They are absolutely masterful in their efforts to provide that enjoyable hit.

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