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Piranha is a small, US-based silicone pipe and rig company. Their product range is small and concise. This allows them to focus on what they do best; medical-grade silicone pipes, rigs, and accessories as well as an awesome assortment of grinders. These guys are super confident in their grinders, so much so, they have given them a lifetime warranty!

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Piranha Grinder 2 Piece

AVAILABILITY: In stock (111 items)

Grinders with Razor Sharp Teeth This tiny little grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket or a purse, but big enough to be your new favourite herb grinder. 2 pieces provide a minimalist grind with no mess or fuss. Piranha...

Piranha Grinder 4 Piece

AVAILABILITY: In stock (23 items)

Grinders with Razor Sharp Teeth This tiny little grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket or a purse, but big enough to be your new favourite herb grinder. 4 pieces create a super functional little grinder with a sifting...


Piranha is based in San Marcos, Texas. The main product offering from this company is medical-grade silicone smoking accessories. They have Silicone dab mats that boast excellent heat resistance and will protect any surface you want to dab on from any kind of spill. Piranha is also well known for its brilliant quartz accessories, such as this Awesome Quartz Nectar Collector which allows you to vaporize your concentrate of choice easily. This is a low-cost brand that provides the perfect solution for your smoking needs.

Why Piranha?

1. Silicone Rigs don’t break... (unless you have a dog)

As concentrates have been becoming more and more popular, so have creative means of consuming them. This is how the silicone dab rig was born. Prior to these, your only real options were the Breaking Bad style glass dab rig set-ups which looked awesome but had 2 major setbacks. 1) They are super expensive and 2) They break really easily as they’re made from glass. This is why it is useful to consider getting your rig in silicone! This stuff is super durable, doesn’t shatter, is heat-resistant, and could only really be destroyed if you are actively trying to destroy it!

2. Their prices are out of this world

It used to be impossible to conceive that a dab rig could cost less than $100. This is a thing of the past thanks to Piranha’s awesome pledge to high-quality and low-cost. Piranha’s oil rigs are generally less than $50. They are also awesome to look at as they have lots of bright colors and features.

Piranha Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Silicone over glass?

This is a contentious topic. The two materials offer a lot of similarities but more differences. To start with, silicone rigs offer the same cleaning and heat resistance as glass rigs. They are also almost impossible to break: silicone can be dropped, bent, twisted whereas glass smashes pretty easily. Pure silicone is able to withstand temperatures as high as 600°F without being damaged or warped. Some would argue that it is not the same using silicone over glass. We would say that it depends completely. If you are on the go, traveling, out and about or in the park with friends, we may choose silicone over glass.

2. Where is Piranha based?

Piranha is based out of San Marcos, Texas. San Marcos is a small city in Texas of 63,000 people. It is located right in between Austin and San Antonio. Whilst all of Piranha’s products are designed in the USA, most of them are manufactured in China which is how Piranha is able to offer such competitive prices.

3. What makes Piranha so unique?

Piranha fills all the gaps in your smoking accessory arsenal. Their product range is fairly vast. From titanium tipped nectar collectors to silicone flip-top containers, these guys have you covered for all of your needs. Take it from us, these products will not let you down.

Final Thoughts on Piranha

If you are looking for quartz smoking accessories such as bangers, nails, connectors, collectors, grinders, mats, or even silicone dab rigs, Piranha has you covered. They also won’t break the bank, so if money is on the tight side, we recommend this awesome brand based right in the heart of America.

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