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G Pen Elite Vaporizer

VENDOR: Grenco Science

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Who Should Buy the G Pen Elite?

Grenco Science's G Pen Elite is a simple small portable vaporizer that can be perfect for any beginner but also delivered enough for expert users. The Elite is an easy-to-use full convection vaporizer that is equipped with only 3 buttons but allows for full control. At an affordable price, this is a great starter vape it may not give you everything that you see in a luxury vaporizer but it will definitely get the job done correctly. 

The G Pen Elite is a dry herb-only vaporizer and excels in that alone. Anyone who is a dry herb enthusiast and does not want to dabble in any waxes or concentrates will favor the Elite. 

Why You’ll Love The G Pen Elite?

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the G Pen Elite. The Elite vaporizer features a full LED display that allows for an easy interface adjustment. Allowing the user to have full control over their vaporizing sessions give a better quality to the vapor as they can adjust the settings to their likings. 

It is a very discreet portable vaporizer, but it carries a punch with the 0.75-gram ceramic heating chamber that is perfect for solo use or big enough to also have group sessions. This is perfect for on the go as the need to carrying around excess herb is no longer needed. 

How To Use The G Pen Elite?

1. How To Operate the G Pen Elite?

Press the power button 5 times to turn on the device. You will first want to start the sterilization process by turning it on and bringing it to the highest temperature by using the side buttons next to the LED screen. Once that is done the 5-minute auto shut-off feature will kick in and your device will turn off. 

From there take off the mouthpiece of your G Pen Elite vaporizer and fill the chamber with dry herb, ensuring not to press too tightly. Replace the mouthpiece and turn on the device with 5 quick presses of the power button. Adjust the temperature to your liking and quickly press the power button once to activate heating. Once the temperature has been reached you can then vape!

2. How To Get Best Vapor Quality?

To get the best vapor from your G Pen Elite vaporizer you’ll want to do a couple of things. Firstly, you should pack your chamber full, not compressed as you will still want the air to travel through the herb, but enough to fill the chamber. The second is the draw, you’ll want to take long, slow draws to enhance the vapor production. 

3. How To Clean It?

For daily cleaning, you will need to clean only the chamber and the filter screen on the mouthpiece, you can do this with the provided brush tool. To do a deep clean ensure that all of the leftover herbs are out of your chamber and get a soaked ISO alcohol cotton swab and clean the inside of the chamber with it. You can then put only the silicone mouthpiece into a bowl of ISO and allow it to soak for 30 minutes, then rinse it. After everything is dried run a sterilize session on your device to burn off any leftover alcohol. 

Top Features 

1. Temperature control

The G Pen Elie has a full LED display with temperature control that allows for a full temperature range from 200F to 428F. This allows for low temperatures to allow for the full flavor of your dry herb to come to life, and the higher temperatures to experience large dense clouds. 

2. Portability

Standing at just over 4 inches tall the G Pen Elite fits discreetly in your hand and has an ergonomic design that allows it to also feel comfortable in your hand. There are no glass pieces on this vaporizer, so it is unlikely that any pieces will break on the go. 

3. Pass-through charging

Pass-through charging may be a must when it comes to the Elite. Due to the shorter battery life, you may be charging this vaporizer more than normal. The downside about charging is that you usually cannot use your device, well with the Elite that is no longer a problem. When your device runs out of juice and you need to charge it you can still use it until it is completely charged. 

4. Heating Chamber

The Elite portable convection vaporizer features a large 0.75 gram heating chamber, one of the largest heating chambers in a portable vaporizer. It is a 360 ceramic chamber that heats up your herb in a mere 30 seconds for a quick session. 

Is the Elite worth It? 

For a beginner vape enthusiast, this vaporizer will allow for customization of your session and get the best out of your herb. If you are a more experienced user the Elite may not have everything you math want as the main vape, but will certainly find its place as a second runner up. Grenco makes many great products and the Elite is there but offers a more simplistic style than the higher-end vaporizer while still delivering great vapor. 

Compare with similar products

VS Pro

The brother showdown. Grenco has made good devices and before the Elite were especially known for their wax vapes. Both the Elite and the Pro are some of their first all dry herb vaporizers. Both around the same price point the Elite has precise temperature control whereas the Pro has a button system with 3 preset temperatures.  When looking at the device’s side by side they stand roughly the same height, but the pro is .5 inches smaller in diameter and may be easier to fit into a pocket than the Elite. It is a more simplistic design and at a cheaper price point, the Pro is a great beginner vape.


You may have heard of PAX before, that is because it is one of the leading vaporizers in the market. The elite is a much easier vaporizer to use as all of the functions for it is on the device itself. With the PAX 3 the features of the device need to be accessed through their Chrome web app in order to change temperature settings, Haptic, and lights. Both of these vaporizers have a wide range of temperature settings with the Elite from 200 -428F and the PAX 3 at 359-419F, here you can see the much larger range that comes with the Elite that allows the herb to have a great flavor profile. Both are wonderful vaporizers and if you are ok with spending double that the Elite the PAX3 is the way to go. 

What’s included:

  • 1X G Pen Elite 
  • 1X G Pen Tool
  • 1X USB Charging cable
  • 1X Cleaning Brush

Technical Specifications:


Dry Herb

Chamber capacity

.25 - .75 grams

Temperature range

200°F - 428°F (93°C - 220°C)

Heat up time 

30 seconds

Charging time

2 - 3 hours

Battery length

6 - 12 sessions


4.4” h X 1.5”w

Heating system

Convection heating


1 Year warranty

5 Most Important Questions About the G Pen Elite

Q1: Can I vape with a partially filled chamber?

When using the G Pen Elite you can have a half-pack chamber, you just may not see as much favor as you would with a full chamber. There are also no compressions or ways to make it half packed, the user would just not put as much dry herb in it. 

Q2: Do I need to hold down the button while pulling?

Once the Elite vaporizer reaches the desired temperature you do not need to hold down the button to take a draw.

Q3: How do I know if my vaporizer is charged?

When your vaporizer is charging it will have 4 pulsing power bars. Once the device is fully charged the 4 bars will stop blinking indicating that it is fully charged. 

Q4: Does the G Pen Elite have pass-through charging?

The G Pen Elite does have pass-through charging. This allows the user to use the device even on the charger. 

Q5: Does the G Pen Elite produce large clouds?

After the first draw, the vaporizer will start producing larger clouds than the first draw. To get larger clouds you will want to have a full packed chamber and be vaping at higher temperatures. 

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

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