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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000


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Blazer Products - Big Shot Torch GT 8000

This is the Official Big Shot Torch GT 8000 for Blazer Products. This device is a handy accessory to have if you vape your dry products via a bong or a glass pipe. It is especially suited to oil fans, capable of bringing your dry product to vaping temperatures in 

To use this torch simply get your can of gas, fill up the torch, set the temperature you want and hit the trigger on the device this will light it. Then you’re ready to light up. When Higher Standards were looking to collaborate to create this torch there was only one manufacturer that would meet their requirements, Blazer.

Blazer Products - Big Shot Torch GT 8000

  • Long burn time
  • High temperature
  • Butane powered

Long burn time

The Big Shot Torch was designed and built in Japan and is capable of providing a huge 35 minutes of consistent use at its highest flame setting. Adjusting the flame level of your Big Shot Torch is incredibly easy thanks to the control fitted to the back of the torch. At full burn you'll be able to create a flame of up to 8 inches long, it features a brass anti-flare nozzle that will ensure that you can safely use it.


The Big Shot Torch is an incredibly powerful butane torch that can rapidly rise to temperatures of 2500°F (1371°C). This makes it ideal for oil because make light work of heating your nails to the optimal temperature, and it can even be operated at a variety of angles without the worry of a blow-out. 

Butane powered

The Big Shot Torch uses a standard butane canister to fuel its flame, it has a total capacity of 35 grams overall. It also a detachable base that is intended to prevent any accidents after use.


1-Year Warranty
Covers manufacturer defects in workmanship & materials only.

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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000

Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot GT8000

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