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VENDOR: Kandypens

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Kandypens Oura Vaporizer Dab Rig


KandyPens has made a portable dab rig with a sleek design. The base of the Oura is heavy duty and durable not that it is heavy itself but should last for a while. There is a no button design, instead, there is a smart touch power sensor. There is an LED illumination ring around the base that will tell you temperature reading, battery percentage, and shut off and turn on with the different colors. 

There is a bulb orb glass piece with a frosted pyramid shape inside and holes on the base of the pyramid. The glass mouthpiece locks into the base with a little push and little wiggle to get it out. Having a bulb design helps with eliminating splashback from this piece. It also comes with a cap holder that snaps the cap into it for ease of use around the atomizer. 

How to use

Fill your mouthpiece with water just above the holes where the frosted glass line starts and lock it into the base ensuring that you line up the intake hole with the vapor path or you won’t get any draw. To turn on the Oura vaporizer apply your finger to the smart touch sensor quickly 5 times. To get to the lowest setting quickly touch the sensor three times to see the yellow color indicating the lowest temperature. To switch between temperature settings, pass your finger over the sensor 3 times rapidly. Once you land on the temperature you want indicated by the light quickly pass over the sensor twice to start the heating process. To check the battery power, keep your finger on the sensor for 5 seconds and a color will appear indicating the battery life.

For safety, there is a 4-minute auto shut off. You know that your rig has shut off by the hepatic vibration it gives when it turns off. This device can be used as either an e-nail or preload the concentrate before heating up the coils to start it cool. 

Temperature Setting

This KandyPens Oura has 4 preset temperatures that are indicated by lights around the base of the rig. The 4 heat settings are 620F which will show a yellow color, 860F which will show a green color, 980F which shows a red color, and 1090F as the hottest which shows a blue color. There is a quick heat-up time of about 5 seconds for the lowest temperature and about 10-15 for the higher ones, but you will know when it is ready when the vapor starts coming out of the carb cap. 

Battery life

The KandyPens Oura is equipped with a 3000mah battery that is rechargeable and has pass-through charging, meaning that it is usable even on the charger. There is also a USBC charger that charges this device very quickly and should take just about an hour to go from completely empty to completely full. 


Cleaning this rig is extremely simple. Run it on the highest temperature for 60 seconds then grab a cotton swab with ISO on it and swab out any of the residue left over. 

Do a deep clean every 10 sessions or so. This means take the rig apart and put the glass attachment in ISO for a few hours. You will then want to put the atomizer, carb cap, and silicone cover into a separate bowl of ISO to ensure everything is getting thoroughly cleaned. If there is still residue on the coil after swabbing it with the cotton swab you can take it out of the atomizer unscrew it and put them in separately. 

What's Included

1x KandyPens Oura Base

1x Glass Attachment

1x Quartz Atomizer

1x Ceramic Cup Atomizer

1x Carb Cap & Tether

1x Applicator Tool

1x USB-C Charging Cable

4x Cotton Swab


Lifetime warranty for all parts through KandyPens manufacturer



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