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Red Eye Glass 8” Tall Concentrate Beaker w/ Quartz Banger

VENDOR: Red Eye Glass


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A Quick Intro

Red Eye Glass is a giant in the smoking industry. For over 26 years, they’ve created some of the best glassware on the market. Their expertise and passion have driven them forward, creating products that are as beautiful to look at as they are perfect in their function.

The Red Eye Glass 8” tall concentrate beaker is unique and handmade using the finest scientific grade borosilicate glass. It boasts the design of a traditional beaker bong. Unlike a bong, this beaker features a quartz nail to consume concentrates like a dab rig. It’s only 8-inches tall making it convenient for use at home, or taking on the road with you. 

Top 5 Red Eye Glass Concentrate Beaker Features 

Let’s talk about what makes this such a great way to consume your concentrate. It’s a real favorite of ours. 

1. Design

The Red Eye Glass 8” concentrate beaker oozes class and quality in craft. At its size, it’s a stylish and reliable companion to dab your concentrate. 

It’s available with 4 different color mouthpieces: Green, Black, Blue, and Teal. 

2. Vapor Quality

The vapor produced by this glass powerhouse can only be described as wonderful. The glass material helps keep the vapor and cool as possible. Adding water to the bottom of the beaker filters the vapor before you inhale, cooling it and making it smoother. 

3. Flared Mouthpiece 

We’ve already touched on the awesome design of this piece. The flared glass mouthpiece is far more valuable than one might think. It’ll make it easier to conserve your vapor, reducing wastage. You’ll be able to enjoy every last bit without worrying about it escaping. 

4. Portability

The Red Eye Glass concentrate beaker is just 8 inches in height. It’s made from glass, so you will have to show it care, nevertheless, it’s perfectly portable. Using it is completely user-friendly and simple, so you’ll be able to use it anywhere you go. 

5. Borosilicate Glass Body

Borosilicate glass has become the most commonly used material for all bongs, rigs, and pipes. It’s scientifically proven to withstand high temperatures without damage, making it perfect. 

How To Use The Red Eye Glass Concentrate Beaker 

Now we’ve looked at the features, it’s good to understand how the Red Eye Glass concentrate beaker works. We’ve made some notes to help you get started. Here are our best practices for getting the best vapor quality and keeping it maintained. 

How To Operate The Red Eye Glass Concentrate Beaker?

It’s easy to get started. Luckily, there’s only a couple of things for you to do. First, you’ll want to add some water to the beaker. Just enough to cover the downstem should be perfect. Now it’s time to heat the banger using a torch lighter until it’s heated. Using a dab tool place some concentrate in the banger allowing it to vaporize. Inhale, and watch the vapor fill the beaker and diffuse through the water. 

How To Get Cool Hits From The Red Eye Glass Concentrate Beaker?

The best way to get the best hits from the Concentrate Beaker by Red Eye Glass is ensuring the water you’re using is cool. The cooler the water, the more it’ll cool and smoothen your vapor before you inhale it. 

Other practices include not overheating the banger. You’ll need to experiment with this, however, the lower the temperature your concentrate is vaporized at the more flavorful your vapor. 

How To Clean/Maintain The Red Eye Glass Concentrate Beaker?

Amazing news for all users: the Red Eye Glass couldn’t be easier to clean and maintain. The most important thing you can do is ensure all residue build-up is removed from the banger frequently. This can be done using swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol. It’s also important to change the water after each session. If you have some isopropyl alcohol, rinsing the beaker to avoid staining. 

Technical Specifications

Height 8 inch
Beaker Quartz
Percolator Type No Perc
Material  Borosilicate Glass
Colors Blue, Black, Green, Teal
Brand Red Eye Glass

What’s included:

  • 1 x Red Eye Glass 8” Concentrate Beaker w/ Quartz Banger
Red Eye Glass 8” Tall Concentrate Beaker w/ Quartz Banger

Red Eye Glass 8” Tall Concentrate Beaker w/ Quartz Banger

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